Hey, I’m Kristi

There’s no better time than now to change the trajectory of your life!

I help midlife women feel confident and empowered to live a fantastic life out loud because there’s more to life after 50.

You’re here because you’re struggling with midlife.

Perhaps you’re sitting at home, not doing anything. Staying away from people and being alone, or you feel alone even when you’re with your spouse.

I get it. I’ve been there.

You raised your kids and created a home for most of your life, but now you feel alone.

It’s just you and your spouse. Or just you.

It. Feels. Empty.

Guess what I discovered?

When my schedule was empty, I felt empty. And I didn’t know what to do.

Sound Familiar?

If you stay alone, you’ll have more time to drink, eat whatever you want, and binge Netflix. These feel great at the time, but they’re not taking care of YOU.

I know because as much as I tried to fill the emptiness, nothing made me feel better. I knew I wasn’t alone, and other women like me would be feeling the same way.

It’s possible to be Confident AF after 50!

I bet you’re wondering why I became a life coach.

Empty nest AND divorce hit me like a freight train at exactly the same time. I found myself at 42, never dated in my adult life, and living in constant fear that I’d never make it on my own.

With both kids off to college and my closest companion, my boxer… here were my options

  • Stay the same and be sad that my life wasn’t what it was supposed to look like
  • Launch myself into the next and BEST chapter

I had NO idea how to do that. I messed around with self help and other things to see how I could move forward.

But nothing worked until I discovered coaching.

It changed my life.

I became a professional Certified Life Coach so I can help women like you.

I spent thirteen years teaching in the classroom, shaping young minds, but nothing lights me up like helping women like me discover who they can be. And watching them live their lives without regret.

It was the most amazing gift I gave myself.

It’s possible to discover your next chapter. Let me show you how.

You can be confident AF after 50!

I created my business for women like you to realize there’s so much more life to live and to help women create confidence to know they can do things.

You are capable of finding happiness and fulfillment, and create joy.

There are still adventures to be had…..

Your possibilities are endless!

My vision is to see every women love the life she’s living. And create the magic she always dreamed of.

Confidence after 50 helps ALL women discover themselves and transform into the strong, confident human beings they are meant to be.

I want you to join me on my journey to see what’s possible for you.

I can help you discover your next chapter.

Your possibilities are endless. We will work on one to pinpoint areas in your life that are not serving you. Further, I will guide you in proven methods to help you show up for yourself and have your own back.

Imagine feeling AMAZING about every decision you confidently make for your best life!

It’s possible to transform you life and be Confident AF after 50!

Let me help you transform your life.